Water treatment related business

Aeration System

Considerable reduction of electric expenses
High and stable oxygen absorption ratio
Maintenance free
The regular cleaning is unnecessary
Totally hassle free
There is no chance of blockage
The sludge doesn’t pile up in the tank bottom
The introduction construction is easy

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Super Flocculation Powder

Industrial waste water
Murky water used for engineering works
Water with high contents of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead
Greasy water
Waste water from pig farming, stock farming
The Advantages of using AQ Spring Pure
High Flocculation: remove SS, BOD, heavy metals and chemicals
Wide Range of water quality: able to treat neutral, acidic, or alkaline water
Short treatment time: 3-5 minutes with stirring
Easy Handling: The flocculant components are neutral
Safety: treated water does not affect natural environment

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